Tidal Waterfront Flooding Task Force
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The Kingston Tidal Waterfront Flooding Task Force is proud to present:



Planning for Rising Waters: Final Report of the City of Kingston Tidal Waterfront Flooding Task Force

Executive Summary

Overview of Recommendations


This document describes the recommendations of the Task Force,

which convened from December 2012 through August 2013.

Full documentation of the process can be found in the Key Resources below.


Flooding Task Force Key Resources

Documents and information that contributed to development of the recommendations.

1. Sea-Level Rise and Flood Zone Project Maps

2. Asset Map and List of Important Assets

3. Department of State Coastal Risk Assessment Results (Supporting documentation on how the risk assessment was carried out.)

Description of procedures used for risk assessment

Risk assessment for current conditions

Risk assessment for future conditions with 3 feet of sea level rise

4. Waterfront Visioning: Results and Visualizations

5. Climate Smart Planning: Summary and Assessment

6. COAST Analysis: Final Report and Final Presentation with Maps

7. Presentations and materials from Task Force meetings (scroll down below for full posting)



A public meeting was hosted at City Hall on Tuesday January 14th, 6:15-8:00pm,

Common Council Chambers, City Hall.

More information about this event


Community Involvement Opportunities



*On November 12, 2013, the  City of Kingston Common Council passed Resolution #200 of 2013,

Adopting the Final Report of the Flooding Task Force.*

Press in the Daily Freeman covering the vote

The City also adopted the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan,

a recommendation of the report.

The Mayor held a press conference on Monday November 18th at 1:00pm

at City Hall's Council Chambers for this Report.

Event Press Release


Kingston will need state help to implement flood-control plan, Mayor Shayne Gallo says ~Daily Freeman, November 18, 2013

Gallo explains flooding task force report, implications ~ Mid-Hudson News.com, November 19, 2013

Kingston’s flood-resistance strategy to be presented Monday ~Daily Freeman, November 14, 2013


Hudson River Climate Resilience Case Studies

Kingston Waterfront Flooding Task Force


On Wednesday December 4th, in direct response to Recommendation #16 of the Final Report

(16. Work with FEMA to inform community members about the Community Rating System, flood

insurance changes, flood hazard overlay districts and resilient rebuilding approaches. Provide

public informational events as necessary), an informational presentation of FEMA's National

Flood Insurance Program took place at City Hall.

State floodplain expert to hold seminar in Kingston ~ Daily Freeman, November 25, 2013

Flood insurance rates will rise 25 percent, expert tells Kingston property owners ~ Daily Freeman, December 4, 2013

Updates to the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

When: Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Location: 420 Broadway Kingston City Hall Common Council Chambers

Learn more about the changes to the National Flood Insurance Program and how it might affect you, as well as the benefits of the Community Rating System

and how your community could begin to save money on flood insurance premiums.


Guest speaker Bill Nechamen from the NYS DEC Floodplain Management Section will present on updates to the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

(NFIP) and will discuss the benefits of the Community Rating System (CRS), which works to reduce flood insurance premiums for enrolled communities

whose efforts go beyond the minimum standards set by the NFIP.


This seminar, being offered in partnership with the Kingston Waterfront Flooding Task Force, will also feature a presentation of that group’s findings and



This event is specifically for Ulster County floodplain residential and commercial properties owners, insurance and real estate agents, municipal

officials and local floodplain administrators, but other community members are welcome to attend.





Kingston flood risk report heading to Mayor Shayne Gallo (with report)

~Daily Freeman, September 17, 2013



The 7th meeting of the Flooding Task Force was held on

July 16th, 2013



The Art Society of Kingston
97 Broadway








2012 Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and an Overview of the Benefits of the Community Rating System (CRS)

Presentation by: Bill Nechamen, CFM, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Floodplain Management Section

This seminar is being offered twice in two separate locations. Register for both at: http://floodseries1.eventbrite.com/


Dutchess County

When:   July 17th, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Where: East Fishkill Town Hall

330 Route 306

Hopewell Junction, NY

Greene County

When:   July 25th, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Where: Greene County Emergency

Services Building

25 Volunteer Drive

Cairo, NY

Learn how this new legislation will affect you, your home, your business, and your community…

Bill Nechamen, CFM, of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Floodplain Management Section will:

--Provide an overview of the changes to the NFIP;

--Showcase the impacts these changes have on community participation and landowners;

--Discuss the benefits of the NFIP’s Community Rating System (CRS) - which works to reduce flood insurance premiums for enrolled communities whose efforts go beyond the minimum standards set by the NFIP.


This event is open to the public but will be focused on information relevant to a municipal audience.

Certificates of attendance for municipal training credit will be provided.


Register at http://floodseries1.eventbrite.com/,  or call (845)677-8223, ext. 114 for the event in Dutchess County on the 17th, or call (518) 622-9820, ext. 33 for the event in Greene County on the 25th.


For more information regarding the Hudson Estuary Watershed Resiliency Project and other presentations in this seminar series, visit: www.hudsonestuaryresilence.net.



The 6th Meeting of the Flooding Task Force was held on

June 18, 2013

3:00- 6:00 PM

Riverview Missionary Baptist Church, 240 Catherine Street, Kingston, NY






Kingston Smart Planning Summary

Climate Smart Planning Assessment

Build Back Safer and Stronger, FEMA Information Packet


The 5th meeting of the Flooding Task Force was held on

Tuesday May 21st, 3:00-6:00pm

New Central Baptist Church

229 East Strand Street, Kingston 12401






Mark Lowery’s presentation on Adaptation Strategies, based on Georgetown Climate Center’s Adaptation Tool Kit by Jessica Grannis

Libby Murphy’s presentation on Climate Smart Planning


Additional Resources:

Survey Summary and Results: Adaptation Neighborhoods and Proposed Strategies

Kingston Resilience Roadmap

Kingston Smart Planning Summary

Memo on COAST options

NY Times article on flood insurance rates

Georgetown Climate Center’s Adaptation Tool Kit

East Strand Flooding and Stormwater Management Analysis (DRAFT) ~Milone and MacBroom



Meeting Four was held on Tuesday April 23

Kingston City Hall, Common Council Chambers

420 Broadway





Drawings and images were developed in part by a subcommittee of the Task Force that met on April 5. The maps depict approaches to adapting eleven different segments of the waterfront to future flooding. They are intended to be visions of the waterfront in the future that might make sense for Kingston, and are general ideas that would need gradual policy change and other action over time. While the Task Force has looked at risk assessments of what is at risk now and what will be at risk in the future (10 years, 50 years, etc...), the strategies depicted in these images is a way for the community to articulate a positive vision for the future.

Potential Adaptation Strategies for Kingston's Waterfront




Kingston was discussed in the COAST presentation on a webinar on March 19th.
Community Engagement on Climate Response Decisions – The COAST Model

To see the archived webinar, you have to register.




On Tuesday, March 12, 2013, from 2:00-6:00 pm,
the Kingston Flooding Task Force hosted it's third meeting.
Meeting Location: Riverview Missionary Baptist Church, 240 Catherine Street, Kingston, NY.



Meeting Presentations


Kingston rises to the challenge of dealing with waterfront flood risks

~Kingston Daily Freeman, March 17, 2013



Task Force Members were asked to read the following articles prior to the meeting to receive an introduction to climate change adaptation (preparedness) planning and begin getting comfortable with the terminology and concepts.



On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, from 3:00-6:00pm,

the Kingston Flooding Task Force hosted it's second meeting.

Meeting Location: Steelhouse Restaurant, 88 East Strand, Kingston, NY.




Meeting Presentations

Mark Lowery's presentation on Sea Level Rise

Barry Pendergrass' presentation on Coastal Reconstruction and Resilience Planning

2 page summary of COAST (Coastal Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Tool)

This is one of the modeling tools that we will be using as part of the process.


Clearinghouse of Resources for Task Force

Includes Info on COAST,

Water front planning guidebooks,

Webinar Listings,

Climate Action Plans,

New York Climate Change Reports and Resources




Kingston Flooding Task Force Kick-Off Meeting


The Kingston Community, along with Mayor Shayne Gallo, met at City Hall on December 6, 2012, to discuss the challenges Kingston faces from waterfront flooding and sea level rise in the Rondout-Hudson.  After Hurricane Sandy, it has been especially important for us to start to address these challenges proactively.  This timely meeting marked the initial gathering of the Kingston Waterfront Flooding Task Force, who will consider what aspects of our waterfront are most vulnerable and what the community might do to protect them in the future.

Find details about the meeting’s agenda here as well as a summary of the meeting's proceedings here.

This kick off meeting provided an overview of the work of the task force and how it will fit with ongoing efforts in Kingston such as the Comprehensive Plan revision, Climate Action Plan, Rondout flooding study and tidal Rondout watershed planning. The task force's goals will be to assess local risks and generate strategies that will help create a more vibrant, secure and prosperous waterfront in coming decades.

Find a complete list of the Task Force members here.

In addition to a strong community response and participation, this meeting was also robust with information sharing.


Find pdf’s of the presentations here:

Kristin Marcell’s Presentation on Resilience

Emilie Hauser’s Presentation on Vulnerability

Sacha Spector’s Presentations on Kingston Historical Flooding, on Coastal Hazards, and on Prior Mapping

Jim Noble’s Presentation on Kingston Initiatives relevant to the waterfront


Results from the Mapping Exercise

For press coverage before and after the event, see the following:


Event Flyer

Event Press Release


For more information, please visit Kingston's Economic Development and Strategic Partnerships Facebook Page.